The Life and times as a Student Designer
Work from my graphic design internship and student design jobs.

All these projects were created for my graphic design positions with ASOSU ( Associated Students of Oregon State University) and  my Graphic Design Internship with Oregon State University. The First is from the BE AWARE campaign / security awareness campaign,  the project was to design posters and web graphics to teach students faculty and staff on safe computing practices. The following projects are from my design positions with  ASOSU HSRC ( Human Services Resource Center).  As well as ASOSU itself, where I worked on various projects from T-shirts to web banners.
The Be Aware Campaign, which started this campaign with a contest, to get students involved in learning about safe computing practices. The best student Video, demonstrating safe computing practices, earned the movie director a Xbox 360 Kinect.
Web graphics for the OSU Be Aware Campaign / Security Awareness Campaign.
 These posters were part of a campaign called the power of 3, each poster represented what food, time, and money could do to help students in need. This poster was about donating Food.  My focus for this poster, especially the photography was to focus on the act of donating food, not the can of food.
This poster was about donating Time to HSRC,  whether volunteering for the emergency food pantry, or volunteering in the HSRC  Main office, any amount of effort to volunteer would help students in need.
  This poster was about the power of donating 3 dollars to HSRC.
This was the general service poster for HSRC, this poster was about explaining what HSRC did and what services they offered to help students in need.  I followed OSU branding guidelines with this HSRC Poster because HSRC was  becoming its own entity separate from ASOSU.
ASOSU Twitter background design.
Gripe Fest - This was an open forum for students to disclose their grievances against the University and each complaint was put into an annual report: called the gripe fest report, compiled by ASOSU.  These Gripe Fest reports have helped make Oregon State University become a better institution.
2011 - Connect Week pamphlet.
2011 - Connect Week pamphlet.
2011 - Connect Week pamphlet.
2011 - 2012 - ASOSU Student Planner
2011 - 2012 - ASOSU Student Planner
Facebook graphics for the ASOSU Like page cover photo. 
Facebook graphics for the ASOSU Like page profile photo.
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