What was your concept? –
My concept for this poster was to reflect the characteristics of Bronislaw Zelek. His work and style really inspired me. My objective with this poster was to play with typography and articulate the film without associating a glorified image of the stars of the film. I wanted to give the viewer the concept of the film but not the whole story. I wanted to design the poster my way and not by painting. I didn’t want to cutout text and manipulate it by hand so instead I made individual text boxes for each letter for the word adjustment and played with it to articulate the flow the movie. I didn’t want to focus on images from the film given that I didn’t have high-resolution copies so I focused on vector shapes and silhouettes to articulate my concept.

What was your movie and why did you choose it?
My movie was the Adjustment Bureau, which is about this politician who was put in a situation by the Adjustment Bureau where he met this dancer. After first meeting with the dancer, he fell in love. The Adjustment Bureaus saw this as a mistake and decided it needed to be rectified, creating a battle over free will. I chose this movie because sometimes in life you have to make your own choices, so you can go the direction you feel is right for you in life.

Source on Bronislaw Zelek:
My version of a Polish Movie Poster - The Movie was The Adjustment Bureau.
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