Raven & The Moon
  Understanding Visual Identities
This class was about understanding how to come up withvisual identity systems; icons, logos, and branding concepts. This was a classexercise, what my professor called a 2-headed monster. We had to designsomething that reflected ourselves. I'm from the Seattle area and I havestudied Northwest Coast Native American art at the University of Washington. Ihave always wanted to design something that reflected my knowledge and respectedthe culture and craftsmanship of form line design. The Raven below reflects my interpretationof form line design. The Moon and the Raven.
What the text says above:

This raven expresses me with its visual complexity, yet simple forms. It shows my night owl side with the moon spirit and communicates my love for the cultural heritage of my home.

Who are you?

I am artist at heart and designer by trade.  I am  a photographer, carpenter, computer animator, and nerd. I am a Washingtonian, from Seattle.  I am a creative human being.

What do you do?
I solve visual problems with typographic structures and visually appealing graphics. I also love to communicate with photography

Why does it matter?
Designers work to clearly articulate visual concepts and that can aid in expressing the human condition.

The text above is the same with statements above this design. Only difference between the two designs is the Moon missing from the Raven's mouth.
This was a draft before the final version above.
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