Overhauling my mobile portfolio website.

This projectis about overhauling my own personal website transforming itinto a portfolio site demonstrating my knowledge and understanding of HTML 5and CSS 3. The first set of images are mood boards: (information and visualaesthetics that inspires me in shaping my website, draft of icons and of apossible logo) and as well as an outline of my website. The second set cominglater today will include wireframes of my website. My overall goal so far is todemonstrate my process in redesigning my thesis project from Oregon StateUniversity which was designing a mobile portfolio website. I wrote a 10 pagethesis paper on the importance of designing fluid grid websites given theincreased demand in mobile user interfaces. My personal goal is to demonstratemy understanding and interest in mobile user interface design.
Mood board: Ideas on a background, a logo, icon set, and a OmniGraffle outline of my website.
Mood board: Ideas on backgrounds, icon set, and a fonts, visual aesthetics.
Site Map of my new website.
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