Experiment ONE | Word Search - Posters
My word was "ERE" meaning before.
I wrote a 10 page thesis paper on the importance of designing websites for mobile devices when I was a student at Oregon State University. This was part of a term long project designing visuals for my thesis project. This was experiment 1, was an interesting dictionary search, part random word search in a of matter speaking. First we picked numbers from 1-1555, then from 1 to 50. I chose numbers 770 and 25, translated into page 770 the 25th entry on that page,giving me my word “Ere”; meaning before. My experiment turned into designing 3 posters that reflected a retro theme. I used old fonts and 50 styling to come up with 3 posters displaying 2 different graphics juxtaposing the old way of doing things versus the new way. Example of the cell phone versus the landline,the digital camera versus an analog camera, and finally an e-reader versus a book.
This was about digital dictionaries and good old dictionaries.  Font Futura & Honey Script
This was about cameras old and digital. Font Futura & Honey Script
This was about Land line phones and cell phones.  Font Futura & Honey Script
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